The Law Firm A.B.C. provides legal assistance and advice in matters of criminal law in favour of the rights of persons suspected or accused in criminal proceedings or of persons offended by the crime.
In this context, the Firm is involved in sponsoring, both in process and extra-process, the subjects in various ways involved in a criminal proceeding (mainly suspects, defendants, offended persons or civil managers) also in the field of criminal law. company, following the commission of criminal matters.
In particular, Studio Legale A.B.C. deals with company criminal law both in the procedural phase and in a preventive manner with a consultancy and specialized assistance aimed at evaluating the operation ex and for any penalties, as well as the preparation of the necessary steps to avoid criminal.
The Law Firm A.B.C., also deals with advice of liability (penal /) administrative companies pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, also availing itself of qualified partnerships with leading consulting firms and O. of V. (Supervisory Body).
The Firm avails itself of established and talented Collaborators and Experts specialized in consulting and technical assistance in favor of its customers also in these matters.